Alexander Technique lesson with Mary Hamlin SpencerDuring a 45-minute lesson, the teacher guides the student with gentle hands on and verbal instruction to perform daily tasks, such as standing, sitting, walking, bending, and lifting, with less tension and greater ease and coordination.  Application to a wide variety of activities such as gardening, cooking, sitting at the computer, singing, and playing a musical instrument can be explored with the teacher as well. The teacher guides the student through these activities with her hands, sensing where there may be unnecessary strain, and encouraging a new response with greater alignment of the musculoskeletal structure.

Mary Hamlin Spencer works with an Alexander Technique studentPart of the lesson is devoted to lying down work on a table, which allows the student greater opportunity for muscular release of habitual tensions which then allows the spine to decompress.

The student is encouraged to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing which allows for ease of movement.

      • Individual Lessons cost $80.00
      • Five Lessons cost $375.00
      • Ten Lessons cost $750.00


How Many Lessons are Needed? 

Mary Hamlin Spencer works with an Alexander Technique studentMost students require a minimum of 10 lessons to understand and practice the basic principles of the Technique. Weekly or twice-weekly lessons are encouraged in the beginning. In a recent British research study it was found that in order to sustain continuous self-improvement to habitual postural patterns, around 20-30 lessons was proven most effective. Like learning a musical instrument, time is needed to integrate these new skills.  Some people choose to take ongoing lessons as a means to deepen their integration of mind/body.