What is the Alexander Technique? 

Mary Hamlin Spencer works with an Alexander Technique studentThe Alexander Technique is a proven method for attaining awareness and conscious control of physical movement, helping the student to correct postural alignment and provide ease of movement while reducing muscular effort and physical strain. Through a process of re-education the student of the Alexander Technique learns to:

      • identify habitual patterns of tension
      • develop awareness of the body in movement
      • attain more ease and coordination in daily activities

Why do people study the Alexander Technique?

Mary Hamlin Spencer works with an Alexander Technique studentPeople study the Technique for a variety of reasons. A common reason is to relieve pain caused by habits of poor coordination through a course of lessons to improve neuro-muscular and skeletal coordination. The Alexander Technique helps to alleviate many chronic physical difficulties such as tendinitis, back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, sore shoulders, and repetitive stress injuries. People from all walks of life benefit from lessons, including office workers, teachers, gardeners, and health care professionals.

Many performers, including musicians, dancers, actors and athletes, study the Alexander Technique to improve their breathing, vocal production, and accuracy, speed and ease of movement. Many conservatories include courses in the Alexander Technique in their curricula, including Juilliard, Temple University, Northwestern University and numerous others.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique 

      • Mary Hamlin Spencer works with an Alexander Technique studentGreater ease and poise in movement
      • Improved performance
      • Pain relief
      • Better breath support
      • Relief from muscular tension
      • Restoration of balance
      • Improved ability to deal with stress
      • Greater mind/body awareness